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The For Ears Only Team created this unique concept based upon a wealth of experience within the consumer electronics industry and the world of interior furnishings. Here to provide the most discerning clientele with High-End Headphones and Personal Audio equipment, as well as Customized Home Theaters amerced within eclectic Interior Furnishings, Décor, and Accessories provided by their Sister Company Downtown Decor... Other services available through another division, Custom International, are the disciplines of Residential System Design & Consultation, as well as Estate Management Services, and Programming for Control Systems.


For Ears Only is a Las Vegas destination with a unique and esoteric vibe relating to ones desire to experience High-End Headphones and Personal Audio products. This is the place where you can touch, operate, and be educated in the latest technologies all the while being surrounded with visual ideas and interior designed representations of residential lifestyles.


The Staff is determined to educate the local, and visiting, clientele on what is available to them as well as what features they can expect from our products and services.

Chord Mojo & Sennheiser Headphones at Th

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